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The Partnership, along with our professional development specialist, offers support, technical assistance, educational opportunities, and financial assistance to early childhood professionals in regulated child care facilities and public schools. We advocate improving the educational levels of teachers, increasing wages through T.E.A.C.H., and other benefits. Through these efforts, our intent is to help reduce the high staff turnover often experienced in child care facilities and public schools.

Contact the Partnership's Professional Development Specialist, Susan Helsabeck, at 336-629-2128, ext. 31, to get started on YOUR professional development today.

Why increase your education?

Why Should an Early Childhood Educator Increase Their Education?
The quality of child care is higher when:

  • Adult-to-child ratios are more favorable
  • Staff members have more general education
  • Administrators have experience before coming to a program
  • Teachers have more specialized training in early childhood
  • Teacher wages are higher

Source: Cost, Quality and Child Outcomes in Child Care Centers:
1995 Public report, Denver: University of Colorado, Economics Department

Caring for young children is about more than teaching. It is about caring for children and nurturing them; making children feel safe and secure. But it is about teaching, too. Sharing ideas and experiences with young children is a wonderful way to introduce the world around them. From the research it is easy to see that educators who increase their education can offer a higher quality of care and teaching to young children.

State agencies and organizations like the Division of Health and Human Services, the North Carolina Partnership for Children and the Department of Public Instruction recognize this and have increased educational requirements for early childhood teachers. Early Childhood Educators, however, struggle with finding classes nearby, with understanding the connections among the professional development opportunities available, and with overcoming the costs of furthering their educations.

To help Early Childhood Educators interested in furthering their education, the Randolph County Partnership for Children works closely with Randolph Community College to develop and administer an early childhood educational continuum of services.

The Partnership's Professional Development Specialist is ready to help you develop a plan to increase YOUR level of education.  She can be reached at 336-629-2128, ext. 31.


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