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Great Beginnings. Strong Futures.    
March 19, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Randleman Community Center
144 W. Academy St.
Nurturing the Brain SESSION III Family Engagement: Having the Difficult Talk @ Randleman Community Center

Nurturing the Brain: Buffering Toxic Stress through Responsive Relationships
A 3-Part Series

Developed by Betty Rintoul, Ph.D., Encouraging Connections

Recent research has made it increasingly clear that adverse experiences during the period of birth to five years have an enduring impact on the developing brain and body. This three-part training is an introduction to toxic stress and ways young children can be protected by caring early relationships. The first unit introduces the topic of ―toxic stress‖ and its impact; the second unit explores some ways parents and caregivers can protect and heal children from these effects through responsive relationships.

Session III-Family Engagement: Having the Difficult Talk
In this session, we will discuss how to strengthen our relationships with families. We will focus on how to engage families in discussions on difficult topics such as toxic stress with clarity and compassion. Participants will examine how teacher-family partnerships can build resilience for children experiencing toxic stress.

Credits: 2.0
Presenter: Aviva Starr