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You can be a voice for young children and families in Randolph County.

Brain development research tells us that more than 85% of the brain develops in the first 5 years of life. What infants, toddlers and preschoolers experience during this critical period will impact the rest of their lives.

Regardless of the circumstances into which a child is born, every child deserves the best start in life. Nutrition, early literacy, nurturing, play and compassion are all vital components in building the best foundations for success in school and life.

The role of an advocate is to help educate the public and key partners on the importance of the early years. With the facts, policymakers, communities, businesses, partner organizations and educators can prioritize policy, programs and funding in support of young children and their families.

Share your story

Your personal experience paints a vivid picture that can inspire action. Whether a struggle or success (or both), your story can make early childhood issues real and relatable. If you’re interested in sharing your story, email us at

Get Involved

Attend city and town council meetings, board of education meetings, volunteer at child care centers, preschools and community organizations, or serve on committees.

Learn about early childhood issues and speak up for policies, programs and funding that support young children and their families.

For information on opportunities to get involved in Randolph County, email us at

Stay Current

Build Relationships

Get to know your representatives at the local, state and federal levels. Follow their initiatives, priorities and voting records.

Email, write and call them to provide information on early childhood issues and other issues you care about.

Click HERE to learn how to contact your elected officials.

Be Social

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