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Randolph ChAMPS

Randolph ChAMPS grew out of the KidsReadyNC initiative, an 18-month project (April 2018-October 2019) designed to help four selected communities in North Carolina strengthen leadership capacity within their local early childhood system. Our Randolph County team is Randolph ChAMPS: Children’s Advocates for Maximizing Potential and Success.

The Initiative

The 18-month initiative that began this work was facilitated by the Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) at N.C. State University and funded in part by grants from The Belk Foundation and The Duke Endowment.

Randolph County, along with Catawba, Chowan and Rockingham counties, received tools and technical assistance through IEI in support of its county-level team, known as Randolph ChAMPS.

The Team

Randolph ChAMPS is a group of 20+ community leaders and stakeholders comprised of partners from, but not limited to, county, city and charter schools; Randolph Community College; child care centers; Communities in Schools; public libraries; Head Start; pediatrics; early intervention; social services; mental health; county government and the Partnership. The team also recruits interested service partners and parents of young children to serve on Implementation Teams.

The Focus

The focus of Randolph ChAMPS is to identify services and care opportunities in place for the birth-3 population, identify areas of need, and problem-solve to ensure the best start possible for our Randolph County infants and toddlers.


What Our Team Is Doing

• Building community awareness of Resilience
• Facilitating community adoption of The Basics
• Facilitating policymaker education
• Increasing quality & availability of infant & toddler care
• Guiding parent training & professional development

What We Already Know

• There are 9624 children age 0-5 in Randolph County
• We have 51 licensed centers & homes, a 37% decrease since 2012
• 57% of our children age 0-5 have parents who work
• 33% of our children age 0-5 live at or below the federal poverty guideline
• We have 373 children enrolled in NC Pre-K

Why We’re Doing It

We are doing this work with the intent of positively impacting outcomes at kindergarten entry and grade-3 reading proficiency; which in turn will positively impact the overall workforce and community-at-large.

For more information, contact the Partnership at or 336-629-2128 ext. 12.