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The Basics Randolph

The Basics Randolph: Talk, Sing, and Point

When parents come home with their brand new baby, there isn’t a users guide tucked into the baby’s blanket. They can’t download an instruction manual.

There is, however, lots of research that can help guide parents, caregivers, family members, and the community.

On behalf of early educators and service providers in Randolph County, we want to ensure our entire community is aware of The Basics Randolph—especially new parents.

The Basics Randolph takes the research and boils it down to five free, basic, powerful calls-to-action for parents, caregivers, relatives, service providers, and community members. They are five things we can all do to nurture brain growth and development and build a foundation for the baby’s future success in school and life.

Those five things are:
Maximize Love and Manage Stress
Talk, Sing, and Point
Count, Group, and Compare
Explore Through Movement and Play
Read and Discuss Stories.

Each of the five basics are explained in videos online at Randolph.TheBasics.org, where families, caregivers, and community members can also find resources and support.

Eighty percent of brain growth happens in the first three years. And all parents, regardless of circumstances, can apply The Basics Randolph’s five principles in their everyday interactions with their infants and toddlers. By doing so, we can all maximize every child’s potential for good health, success in school, and success in life.